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by GeeNerve

Firstly to get it straight: We weren't much too exact with the title we'd chosen for our Netstock deejay-set. The original SHM was initially founded in late summer 1987. Thus we're still awaiting our 20th anniversary celebrations. But even though: Later-to-become SHM-people used to share practice rooms since the mid-80ies. And music-, label-, studio-activities of several individuals from the SHM started even earlier in that decade if not before. So we're into all this since approximately 25 years indeed.

Let's go on with a few further comments on the selections:

The Colektro set. (All tracks feature Colektro by his own self.):

[0:00] Colektro: "Walker" (2004)
An excerpt of the track from the "Electric Kitchen Tapes"-Album. Just perfect for starting the Moderation.

Mob-Desi subway station performance.
[1:26] Colektro: "Colektro from Cologne" (2005)
My good old friend Colekro celebrating a freakout-dub in the studio. A brand new yet to be issued number.

[5:05] Mob Desi: Mother (1991)
This formation was serious about proving that two musicians make a band. And they do! Urban Fast Pop they called it. Mob Desi is one of the very last Western German bands to tour the GDR before this country stopped to exist.

Soapeater performing at SHM-Studio
[8:12] Soapeater: "Remake Remodel" (93)
In the early 90ies Soapeater were permanently present in the Rhenania Studio (featuring future-Colektro treating Bass guitar), saving hours and hours of music on tape. This track from their 1993-demo "Bubblebreath" is undoubtedly one of their oddest. Just look forward to our forthcoming release of the retrospective entitled "God Plays Country Music". It will be truly a fun-package!
Jott Pee at the beloved river Rhine. The silhouette at the horizon is our word-famous cathedral: Der Dom zo Kölle.

[11:58] Jott Pee: "Einmal am Rhein" (2004)
This song is celebrating the world famous "Rhine-romantics": "Once at the Rhine and being alone twosome. Once at the Rhine, a glass of wine in the moonshine. Once at the Rhine, you're about to believe the whole world is yours. The mouth loughs out with every hour. The sick heart becomes healthy. Come on I invite you: Once at the Rhine". This version transmits an famous waltz from 1929 to the folk spirit of today's alternative-rockers. The original was the national breakthrough of our immortal local songwriter/poet Willie Ostermann.

Talking about hippie-culture and Willie Osterman (yes, that's the guy with the big cigarette sitting in the brain): Our long time in-house graphic designer *Eek! It's me!* actually managed to create one of the most unhippest logos of the 80ies! It would need a couple of paragraphs to describe what drove him to do this.
Original SHM-Logo
The original SHM-Logo (colored version from 1996). SHM originally was an abbreviation for "Syndikat Habgier und Meineid" - "Syndicate Greed and Perjury" was meant to satirize dawdling city-officals.
(For short: It's partly paraphrasing the "Family Dog"-logo, which refers to the fact, that the SHM was best known for organising concerts.) Anyway, he made his vision come true with the psychedelic hip-hop-mixes of Cologne Carnival goodtime records, evident on "Kraut für alle!"

[15:48] Georg M.: "Free to be ..." (2004)
This awesome musical talent who is serving the mike and guitar here, is best remembered as the frontman/composer of a neo-garage power-trio called Scrapyard back in the 80ies. He also was the ever present guitar for Soapeater. This is a yet to be released track of a project that might become a second carnation of Soapeater. Might become! No one knows! One footnote concerning the lyrics: The musicians claim that they were entirely straight during the session, before the session and afterwards. And they're pretty straight anyway.

[13:52] Colektro: "Raushauer" (2004)
This is one of the best loved tracks from the "Kitchen"-album. People appreciate it for it's snotty lyrics that seem to describe the artist's attitude on producing Electronica: "I'm the out-kicker. I kick the quick things out. I'm not the one for solid buildings. I prefer to kick the quick things out."

[22:41] Soapeater: "I'm a strange" (1992)
This one is wild! It's doubtful if the band ever considered to introduce this track to anyone by the time it was done. It was recently rediscovered during checking old master tapes.

Now guess who's that!

The GeeNerve set. (GeeNerve is featured on most of the recordings):

[26:11] GeeNerve: Not Just A Child (2005)
In order to present something ultra-fresh: That's what I did two weeks ago. I stopped bothering with samples too much. I prefer the strings instead. Keys and drums are still virtual though. It's not considered to be a finished song, though that might seem to be the case. It's just my attempt to make fellow musicians become enthusiastic about me and my songwriting. ;-)

Novaya Scena
[30:45] Ivanov Down: Ouch Putch (1989)
The following two tracks are taken from the probably most historical relevant release the SHM ever was involved in: "Novaya Scena - Underground from the Ukraine". It was issued on CD in 1993 by the legendary Zickzack/What's So Funny About- label (of Einstürzende Neubauten fame). The CD did hard on the crowded marked and nowadays is a rarity. In contrast to earlier awkwardly compiled "Perestroika-Rock" couplings, it's one of the rare proves
Ivanov Down
Looks like a shot from a mid-60ies battle of beat bands. But it's Ivanov Down in 1990 actually.
how raw, unique and progressive rock in the Soviet Union could be.

The most frustrating matter about "Novaya Scena" was the fact that most bands had album-lengths of material worth publishing. This one for instance is the opening track to an astonishing debut album that hardly anyone outside of Kiew was ever lucky enough to hear. Let's hope that some of the old members from those groups or anyway members of today's groups will discover net-audio and hopefully will make some of those gems available to the world.

[32:42] Sachar Belaya Smert (Sugar White Death): "In The Ice Madleen" (1989)
Sachar Belaya Smert
Sugar White Death 1990 at the same Novaya Scena festival wich took place in Kharkov.
The circumstances are a little bit better with "Sachar Belaya Smert". (The group's name was adopted from an old Soviet propaganda with the purpose to veil an supply bottleneck of sugar.) Their albums are still offered by Koka in Poland. (This track is taken from their debut "Marnirna Musica") Svitlana Nianio (aka Ockrimenko), singer, pianist, songwriter and head of the group back then, meanwhile has two CDs out: "Kytytsi " at Koka and another one on Ventricle Records in Seattle. Taran, the guitarist and spokesman of the formation at the time, in 1996 released the downbeat album "Mod and Mini and Space Age" on Michael Reinboth's "Compost"-label.

Taran: Mod Mini and Space Age - Compost Records - 1996
Taran: "Mod and Mini and Space Age"
Compost Records - 1996
The history of the "Mod Mini" so to say started in December 1994 at SHM-studio, with myself and the two remaining members of Sugar White Death -they had shown up in Cologne for some odd reason- having fun sessions. I just had become tired being dedicated to the "Kraut" spirit alone. So I suggested some kind of neo-exotica-jungle-dub-project. The project actually started and developed on promising. But expiration time for visas went short. Few days before the two were about to return to Kiev, we cut our latest results directly onto two-track (myself hearing the vocal-parts for the first time). These (along with some sessions) make up the most part "Poincicana Nightmare"-tapes. They are among the bunch of old recordings to be released on so-healthy this year.

Svitlana Nianio
Svitlana Nianio 1996
To go on with the story: After their return to cologne about a half of a year later, nothing was like it used to be before. Tensions among us threesome grew in such an unbearable way that made the project collapse. Taran took the opportunity to move to Munich where he eventually produced "Mod Mini". Actually one or two tracks on this album were recorded at (a not properly credited) SHM-Studio.

[34:24] Poincicana Nightmare: "Desert Sands" (1995)
[38:19] Poincicana Nightmare: "Mysteries" (1996)
The two instrumentals (piano by Svitlana) featured here, are among he last things that had been done for the Poincicana project. They had been included as fillers to the original issue of "Suspense Dance Delights" in 1999.

[41:01] Poincicana Nightmare: "Dusty Edison" (1995)
This is one of the takes from the hasty demo-session. This is dubbed for set from a second generation cassette-copy. It will take some time to properly restore the whole bunch of
Phonopoly Tipota
Phonopoly Tipota
Cover of promo-CD/DVD
recording. So please be patient.

[45:36] Phonopoly: "Tipota" (2004)
And this is the next thing to happen on SHM! It will be the first video by the German/Greek duo Phonopoly along with a few rough mixes of their forthcoming album. (If you have an suggestion for the fitting label to publish the album, please let us know.)

Hope you have fun with us. Don't hesitate to drop a line to our guest book.

And ...
... stay healthy!