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Live Chat during the SHM-performance

2005-03-18 20:05

[maisound] colektro is starting

[0:00] Colektro: Walker
[artichoke.p.] everyone will play dance?
[Saskiadoll] artichoke are you a girl?
[Elmooht] ambient/experm
[artichoke.p.] there's some one that will not play with 4/4
[artichoke.p.] ?*
[artichoke.p.] nop nop
[Elmooht] no drums at all
[artichoke.p.] is a wonderful boy form napoli, italia
[psy-sci] doesnt know what a beat is
[KiloWatts] awesome set, inanace
[_rq] yep
[derweissse] ohhh, disco now
[KiloWatts] disco?
[artichoke.p.] nice set dirk
[Oscar.redmond] very nice
[svendelux] very nice inana
[Saskiadoll] theres no girls in here

[1:26] Colektro from Cologne
[KiloWatts] this is like... dub
[Elmooht] ^^
[svendelux] <- downloading the lab30 set now
[Bootie] dubdisco.
[artichoke.p.] im really enjoying this netstock 05
[psy-sci] am i listening to the wrong thing?
[KiloWatts] dubtrance
[[in]anace] hey... thanks to all very much!
[LonnyLord] bootiedubdisco
[Saskiadoll] hola
[o-b-s-t-salat] hellooo :)
[wires666] crap, i just got back from dinner @ parents place... missed entire set :(
[o-b-s-t-salat] geia sou :)
[Saskiadoll] inanace <3
[psy-sci] http://openserver.cccb.org:8000/live.mp3 ?
[Bootie] dirk, super.
[KiloWatts] BUFFER
[artichoke.p.] geia sou! who is from greece?
[Elmooht] this is awsome
[Saskiadoll] not here
[wires666] hey, the id3 tags work... :D
[[in]anace] :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
[Elmooht] dances
[Elmooht] fuck ya
[Elmooht] :D
[artichoke.p.] hellinika?
[Bootie] dubdisco, as i said.
[o-b-s-t-salat] is greek
[derweissse] colektro isn't disco??????
[[in]anace] i will encode my set now... it will be available this night
[derweissse] like in kilowatts isn't tance????
[colektro] this is disssssscoooooo
[svendelux] think i need a beer to go with this heavy metal disco
[derweissse] YES PLZ mr inanace
[_vvvvvvv] im turning it off now
[_vvvvvvv] horrible music
[psy-sci] i was listening to the wrong thing for like a half hour!!!
[[in]anace] when there someone wants to have an early link and playlist please mail to source@subsource.de
[psy-sci] but i used the link from the website for burn FM
[Bootie] i like that.
[svendelux] where are these guys from?
[Elmooht] germany
[vesicapiscis] koln
[KiloWatts] lol psy-sci
[Elmooht] electroland
[psy-sci] my comment about this is important!
[Elmooht] eheheh
[KiloWatts] I can't connect to any of the streams.
[Saskiadoll] :/
[derweissse] what?
[psy-sci] the website is wrong
[o-b-s-t-salat] haha, this strange is fucking strange :)
[LonnyLord] [in]anace archive.org is going to make the entire fest available for download. ;)
[psy-sci] it brought me to some spanish shit
[giftculture] hello world!
[derweissse] as long as u can play jamie, it doesn't matter
[psy-sci] hi gift
[derweissse] hiya
[giftculture] I'm excited to be playing this thing

[5:05] Mob Desi: Mother
[giftculture] it's going to be FUUUUN
[Oscar.redmond] this is like Tom waits meets bowie meets thrill kill kult
[wires666] 'what (the hell) are we listening to right now??
[[in]anace] @lonnylord.. yes.. i know... but my recording will be hifi!
[bumblebee..] stereo!
[_rq] sounds like mötörhead on electro and bad drugs :-D
[LonnyLord] mabey u should get it to mais so he can use it for the archive.org stuff ;)
[giftculture] this new soulseek X client for OSX is grrreat
[Bootie] i like that.
[psy-sci] NetStockFest 2005: NetStock Festival 2005
[_rq] yep, me too ^^
[psy-sci] <3sierracat<3
[artichoke.p.] im sorry nut im not liking this set
[wires666] does any know what that last track was that was played?
[vesicapiscis] colektro
[wires666] ok,thanks
[Oscar.redmond] ticker?
[wires666] ticker?
[Oscar.redmond] what about those tickerses?
[psy-sci] im going to go back to the spanish radio
[psy-sci] lol
[Oscar.redmond] they certainly do tick alot
[KiloWatts] how am i supposed to follow this
[wires666] tickerses? haha, i've got no idea what you are talking about.... :)
[Oscar.redmond] I'm on the ticker topic
[LonnyLord] you're on acid
[LonnyLord] brown acid
[LonnyLord] heheheheh
[Oscar.redmond] yeah but that has nothing to do with ticking
[derweissse] LOL colektro
[KiloWatts] :-x
[Saskiadoll] wtf
[KiloWatts] lol
[Conv] lol
[wires666] hahah nice records :D

[8:12] Soapeater: Remake Remodel
[_rq] shm rocks
[Oscar.redmond] this track is making my room melt
[derweissse] funny stuff
[colektro] This are the soapeaters
[colektro] kicks ass
[wires666] soap eaters haha
[KiloWatts] he's like a high pitched elvis
[Oscar.redmond] they tick
[wires666] the singing sheep
[LonnyLord] "Blutsiphon" would go well with this ;)
[artichoke.p.] well, let me say, that if i was drunk this one was the best set i ever
[colektro] vocal treatments: Manni S.
[artichoke.p.] but im not drunk
[o-b-s-t-salat] is this comfortstand stuff?
[giftculture] haha
[giftculture] this track is fucking greatness
[Oscar.redmond] I aqctually really like this rtack
[Oscar.redmond] tick
[colektro] this will be one of our next releases
[_rq] really cool... you've got to advertise a bit more ^^
[Oscar.redmond] man it's indescribable..
[Saskiadoll] is really waiting for 9:00pm here
[o-b-s-t-salat] actually great music
[Oscar.redmond] LOVE THAT RIDE
[Snabbdist] wow the rock is on
[_rq] a bit loud, though ^^
[marciablaine] wtf is 9pm?
[Elmooht] eheh
[Elmooht] ya
[LonnyLord] lol
[LonnyLord] AM/PM = usa bs
[LonnyLord] and canada, of course
[Snabbdist] :P

[11:58] Jott Pee: Einmal am Rhein
[Saskiadoll] hey really this is....
[Oscar.redmond] well most of us shy away from that system
[colektro] This is called: One time at the river rhine
[artichoke.p.] yea the ride is nice
[Elmooht] :0
[Elmooht] a bit too much
[Elmooht] (ride)
[colektro] it was a great carnival hit in the 1920TH
[Oscar.redmond] no I like how it takes over
[bumblebee..] hmmm somebody is knocking on the drainpipes now
[_rq] sounds pretty good for 1920s lyrics
[bumblebee..] apparently i'm playing too load on a friday evening
[bumblebee..] *loud
[LonnyLord] it's 1323 here
[o-b-s-t-salat] is this westernhagen?
[svendelux] u will be performing aswell bumble?
[artichoke.p.] ai maraimai
[bumblebee..] nope
[colektro] no willy ostermann
[bumblebee..] but had a good day making some laidback dubthing
[Oscar.redmond] nice
[bumblebee..] been trying out reason3

[15:48] Georg M.: Free to be stoned
[_rq] yeah
[_rq] hippie music
[svendelux] free to be stoned
[Oscar.redmond] lol
[colektro] hippie fest
[Conv] lol
[svendelux] lol
[Elmooht] :D
[Elmooht] ejeje
[bumblebee..] hehe
[Elmooht] enjoys this one
[KiloWatts] ====~
[wires666] greeet! jakshemash!!
[colektro] big ups to you people
[_rq] has got nothing here :-(
[Oscar.redmond] we all just sounded like bevis and butthead hehe
[wires666] "free to be stoned"
[wires666] come on everybody, sing along
[Oscar.redmond] hehehe
[svendelux] heheh
[Conv] lol
[Oscar.redmond] yeah
[bumblebee..] "free to be stoned"
[Oscar.redmond] hehehe
[Elmooht] sings
[_rq] free to be
[wires666] "free to be stoned"
[svendelux] free to be
[_rq] free to be stoned
[artichoke.p.] lol
[Oscar.redmond] yeh yeh
[Conv] "free to be stoned"
[wires666] free to bee
[wires666] stoned!!
[artichoke.p.] you were the chorus!
[wires666] lol
[wires666] irc singalongs... brillant
[colektro] we appreciate that so much
[Oscar.redmond] stoned oned oned oned
[Oscar.redmond] stoned
[LonnyLord] pwn3d
[wires666] 0wned!!
[colektro] love you peaple
[Snabbdist] u sure got the echo.. :)
[Bootie] freeeee to beeeeeeee
[LonnyLord] pwn3d
[Conv] stoned
[svendelux] he's going deep
[Elmooht] freeE
[Elmooht] ee
[Elmooht] ee
[bumblebee..] freeeee
[Elmooht] E
[_rq] ja free
[bumblebee..] ya free
[Elmooht] ya man
[Oscar.redmond] stoned oned oned oned

[13:52] Colektro: Raushauer
[wires666] dom dom dom die dom dom
[digital_dervish] wow. this room is full of hippies...
[digital_dervish] i can almost smell the patchouli
[Oscar.redmond] what is a hippy?
[bumblebee..] is a hippo
[_rq] is this a netrelease? (free to be stoned)
[colektro] yes
[Bootie] this doom-metal-announcement was great.
[ezcobar] yo! pass tha dutch!
[colektro] we do mostly independent stuff
[colektro] its to complicated to work with reason ;-)
[_rq] oh my
[_rq] i've already been to your page ^^
[Oscar.redmond] I've been makin g a list of th elive sets I want to pick up off the archive when this is all over .. and so far thats all of them
[LonnyLord] bbiab
[_rq] but all the cd grafics looked so crappy, so i didn't load anything :P
[wires666] phat shit, this records
[wires666] totally obscure shit!!!
[wires666] love it
[DOD5] deutsche welle !!
[Oscar.redmond] that track should have been longer

[22:41] Soapeater - I'm a strange
[artichoke.p.] LOL
[artichoke.p.] wft is playing noW???
[Snabbdist] wow
[Snabbdist] :)
[artichoke.p.] lol lol lol lol
[bumblebee..] punk!
[Oscar.redmond] stoned oned oned oned
[wires666] german punk!!
[wires666] stonedstonedstonedstonedstoned
[Conv] yeah
[_rq] pogo!
[Conv] 77's punk
[artichoke.p.] poga pogo!!!
[svendelux] just opened a harboe red beer :-)
[svendelux] cheers, lets rock!
[artichoke.p.] lol@svendelux
[wires666] nice, some punk. very refreshing!!
[_rq] jumps like crazy
[starfrosch] are your streams also a little distorted?
[bumblebee..] starts jumping
[Bootie] let's form a virtual moshpit!
[artichoke.p.] mine is
[wires666] at the moment it is :D
[starfrosch] operater, distortion ahead ;)
[bumblebee..] pushes wires666
[bumblebee..] jumps again
[flatus] weird stuff!
[Bootie] kicks the air.
[wires666] pushes bumbledee
[_rq] /re gets another fitting mühlen kölsch
[_rq] argh
[wires666] pushes _rq
[_rq] ^^
[bumblebee..] screams
[Bootie] pushes wires666
[flatus] far away from köln minimalism
[artichoke.p.] lol
[wires666] ararhgrggrgraghhragharhgrg1!!!!
[_MHPb_] who is this?
[wires666] paniqqqqq
[flatus] i thought that all netlabel music is ulta-stylish...
[Bootie] we do!
[starfrosch] distortion gone. perfect and clear stream.
[_rq] argh... just wanted to form a wall o death :-(
[artichoke.p.] yes
[ezcobar] pass tha dutch!!
[_MHPb_] yesssss
[_MHPb_] having a good time
[Bootie] ^-- responding to the question.
[ _MHPb_] bounces along like a kids tv character
[_MHPb_] : D

[26:11] GeeNerve: Not Just A Child
[colektro] now gee nerve is writing the SHM comments
[wires666] brilliant shit... damn, i'm going to invite some friends over to listen to netstock
[o-b-s-t-salat] that's like a radio broadcast, pretty cool =)
[_rq] yeah
[colektro] just do it!
[_rq] spread the word
[Conv] definitely it will be a great eclectic event
[wires666] i actually meanth IRL
[colektro] Electric eclectic
[_rq] i'm really a minimal aficionado, but shm will be hard to beat tonight ^^
[Conv] yeah
[Conv] great stuff
[derweissse] this et is pure fun :)
[derweissse] *set
[artichoke.p.] i like this guit
[Oscar.redmond] It's nice to be in a place where you can have such a wide veriety of genres with a nice vibe comming from the people
[artichoke.p.] yes
[giftculture] dang
[wires666] nice set. Is there going to be a playlist published later??
[giftculture] I want to hear that track again :P
[_rq] me too ^^
[_MHPb_] lol

[30:45] Ivanov Down: Ouch putch
[colektro] This is Ukraine!
[svendelux] oh yeah i remember those
[_MHPb_] <3 this guy on the mic
[wires666] naaaaah, release it man!! great record!!
[svendelux] i think
[giftculture] whoa
[giftculture] heavy
[giftculture] nice
[svendelux] nah
[Oscar.redmond] this track reminds me of turtle soup
[colektro] You actually have it? whow!
[flatus] do anyone know when the archived recording of the whole netstock broadcast is downloadable?

[32:42] Sachar Belaya Smert
[Oscar.redmond] live turtle soup
[svendelux] me? no
[svendelux] sorry
[bumblebee..] living turtles in soup?
[Oscar.redmond] yep
[bumblebee..] thats animal abuse :)
[colektro] Ivanov Down - "Outch Putch"
[artichoke.p.] lol
[Oscar.redmond] they are all trying to escape the bowl
[bumblebee..] hits a turles on the head with a spoon before it escapes
[Oscar.redmond] oh one got away
[Oscar.redmond] it's running across the table
[bumblebee..] haha
[_rq] somebody want to play a viva colonia schaffel remix? *g*
[Bootie] nein, kein viva colonia.
[colektro] Näh, dat kütt nit!

[34:24] Poincicana Nightmare: Desert Sands
[Bootie] i like the way he pronounces exclusively
[flatus] cool beat!
[Oscar.redmond] I was just about to say that
[wires666] beatzz
[bumblebee..] yay
[maisound] POST YOUR PICS!!!!
[Oscar.redmond] cha cha cha
[_rq] och schade ^^
[Bootie] likee exotika.
[wires666] amon tobin on acid
[_rq] where do i find free to be stoned?
[derweissse] will take pics later the nights
[o-b-s-t-salat] hmm, when will you play 50 cent, mate?
[wires666] _rq: the netherlands
[svendelux] hhe
[KiloWatts] oh hey, giftculture is here
[KiloWatts] hello giftculture
[bumblebee..] thare was a smoke-in yesterday at christiania
[maisound] really appreciates the "nocturno" work of Mr Derw
[bumblebee..] *there
[colektro] Free To Be Stoned will be on one of our forthcoming releases
[_rq] ah
[colektro] Subscribe our newsletter!
[_MHPb_] yay
[_rq] hurry! ^^
[Oscar.redmond] it is like something off of bricolage
[_MHPb_] lo giftculture
[colektro] www.so-healthy-music.com

[38:19] Poincicana Nightmare: Mysteries
[Oscar.redmond] I dig that track
[[in]anace] yo.. i go outside to see people
[Elmooht] this is nice
[Elmooht] aww over
[derweissse] cha cha cha
[Conv] yeah
[Conv] it's like Don Tikiç
[[in]anace] nice fest.. i will stream all weekand
[bumblebee..] nice quiet moment here :)
[wires666] btw, a note on the netstockfest.net site; the links to the radio's are a bit vague... It maybe better to make some direct links to the radio channels or put the .m3u up in large font etc
[Oscar.redmond] nice lowke, jazz with an eastern flavour
[Bootie] yes, some more exotica.
[Bootie] tries to find his tiki
[maisound] i like this track
[KiloWatts] does anyone else find that the VU Meters in Oddcast show up way too low?
[Conv] yes
[Conv] around 6-9 db less
[Bootie] same for me.
[Conv] i asked mais
[flatus] you're right wires666!
[bumblebee..] i'd give this another listen
[KiloWatts] ok
[Elmooht] http://www.postunder.com
[colektro] This will be also on one of our future releases
[Elmooht] big m2u
[Elmooht] :D
[Elmooht] 3
[flatus] anyone know the current track
[Elmooht] this track is awsome
[colektro] We have a large back catalog
[KiloWatts] this track is quite dope
[Elmooht] ya
[_MHPb_] agreed
[colektro] We started in 1986 as a tape label
[wires666] on the pages linked to from "> listen now" on the main page, the link "listen now" is also not very clear...
[bumblebee..] hehe
[colektro] We are dope!

[41:01] Poincicana Nightmare: Dusty Edison
[KiloWatts] this track is dope too
[_MHPb_] i love the sound of tapes
[KiloWatts] wow
[Oscar.redmond] who's that girl? she's creepy but I love it
[Elmooht] great stuff!
[wires666] i am pretty sure my noob friends can;t get the webcast to start...
[derweissse] http://www.netstockfest.net/netstock.m3u <---- this should work
[flatus] great stuff!
[colektro] Svitlana Nianio
[wires666] yeah, but that link should be clearly visible on netstock main page
[colektro] You'll find some CDs on the web!
[Bootie] .. and tell those noob friends to copy/paste the link into winamp or vlc or ...
[flatus] first i hated so-healthy, now i'm falling in love!
[colektro] just Google! ;-)
[Oscar.redmond] hippy!
[starfrosch] i like the songs....but distortion aaaaagrrr.
[bumblebee..] :)
[derweissse] no distortion here
[maisound] no distortion here
[derweissse] hehe
[svendelux] none here either
[Elmooht] just warm
[DOD5] no here
[Elmooht] no clip
[starfrosch] hmmm
[maisound] just clean
[svendelux] this track is good
[Elmooht] very saturated
[Oscar.redmond] I love this label
[bumblebee..] better :)
[Elmooht] :D
[Bootie] no distortion here.
[svendelux] future release?
[blu_aqua] colektro please answer my private messages
[KiloWatts] answer them publically
[wires666] bootie, yeah I would have done that, but I already mass mailed them the main page url...
[Oscar.redmond] I'm getting a little bit of sample fuzz but it just makes the tracks seem like they're coming out of a grammaphone

[45:36] Phonopoly: Tipota
[maisound] very cool stuff!!!
[o-b-s-t-salat] full ack
[bumblebee..] nananana
[Rumpeln] astrud!
[bumblebee..] hums along
[Bootie] wires666, i made the same mistake.
[o-b-s-t-salat] haha, greeeek :)
[Oscar.redmond] killer track
[_rq] i liked the first half better, though
[o-b-s-t-salat] is this all from your label colektro?
[colektro] this is all all from shm
[derweissse] dances to loungeelectro :O
[colektro] most of it not released yet
[o-b-s-t-salat] great stuff
[colektro] this is a premiere to the web
[o-b-s-t-salat] who is that artist?
[wires666] still a bit distorted, or is that me?
[o-b-s-t-salat] den katalaweno tipota
[colektro] Artist: Phonopoly
[_MHPb_] T H I S R O C K S M Y W O R L D
[colektro] www.phonopoly.de
[o-b-s-t-salat] ah =)
[_rq] yep, you're distorted :P
[digital_dervish] then katalaveno, signomi
[o-b-s-t-salat] cool, thanks
[colektro] this will be our very next release
[wires666] =)
[derweissse] gettin nervos already MHPb?
[colektro] a video release!
[svendelux] nicey!
[o-b-s-t-salat] greek elektro pop with style :)
[colektro] Shots taken in Berlin
[wires666] what does it mean? den katalaweno tipota
[o-b-s-t-salat] it means "i dont understand anything"
[Nintendo's_crap] wooohohohohohohohohohoh
[wires666] ha!!
[Nintendo's_crap] blaaaaa hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa
[wires666] very cool record
[o-b-s-t-salat] trecho san treli stous dromous = i am running around the streets
[wires666] restecpt
[o-b-s-t-salat] psachno na se wro stous dromous = i am looking to find you on the streets
[digital_dervish] apo pisu
[svendelux] lol
[svendelux] nice outro
[Oscar.redmond] lol
[Conv] lol
[o-b-s-t-salat] from behind?
[wires666] haha
[digital_dervish] h0 h0
[_rq] weil anders wär nämlich schlecht ^^

End of set
[_MHPb_] / A P P L A U S E
[derweissse] woohooo, that was nice
[digital_dervish] this room will be a circus all weekend
[digital_dervish] awesome
[svendelux] applaudes
[_rq] applauds, too
[Bootie] wooooooohoooooooooooooooo
[wires666] applause, refreshing set
[Bootie] applauds as well.
[derweissse] is the trancemaster ready?
[starfrosch] * jubel
[bumblebee..] did the music disappear for you too?
[o-b-s-t-salat] *applause*
[colektro] It was fun with you people!
[Bootie] yes.
[bumblebee..] yay!
[Conv] yes
[derweissse] boooo @ pauses
[bumblebee..] aah - time ;)
[svendelux] trancemaster kilowatts next
[maisound] claps his hands to colektro and welcome Mr KWatts

[_MHPb_] if anyone want to take a break, do it now - jamie is gonna play some trance!!!!
[o-b-s-t-salat] again again soon :)
[Bootie] more! more! more!
[wires666] trance? for real?
[o-b-s-t-salat] zugabe :)
[bumblebee..] good set !
[colektro] Thank you!
[Conv] nice colektro
[_rq] uuumbaupauuuse
[svendelux] ill download it all colektro, very nice
[wires666] yo yo zugabe zu-ga-be zu-ga-be
[bumblebee..] jubii ! hurrah !
[derweissse] JAMIE GET BUSY
[o-b-s-t-salat] *throws underwear on the stage*
[wires666] zu-ga-be zu-ga-be zu-ga-be zu-ga-be
[wires666] ;)
[ _MHPb_] slaps KiloWatts with a wet kipper
[KiloWatts] i'm waiting for the go ahead
[colektro] We'd like to do encores!
[derweissse] uhmmm, just go?
[_rq] there's gotta be popcorn or sth playing in the pauses ^^
[_MHPb_] lol
[Conv] lol
[wires666] popcorn!! lol
[derweissse] well, better an encore then a pause
[svendelux] its 21.00 already...
[o-b-s-t-salat] it is pee pause
[Elmooht] ya c;mon
[svendelux] ah here we go
[Elmooht] music someone!
[derweissse] ahhhhhh
[Elmooht] yayyyyyy
[wires666] yeah
[Elmooht] !
[digital_dervish] yeah, the Safety Scissors Popcorn remix
[Elmooht] ehhehe
[Conv] it sounds!
[Bootie] hot butter - popcorn would be nice.

2005-03-18 21:05