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Liner Notes

GeeNerve: Suspense Dance Delights

A few words by the artist

This collection represents an early 1997 state of art(istical development), though its first rendering was delivered in early 1999. This collection originally was meant as a three song plus one plus plus EP indeed, though it now appears to be an entire album. "Suspense Dance Delights" probably makes a perfect title for an ambitious concept-album, though you're likely to have a lot more of "Other Joys" with it now. The shape of these selections is more or less a direct consequence of shifting from 12 bit mono sampling with 45 seconds of storage capacity to 16 bit stereo sampling with three and a half minutes of storage capacity. But further technological developments pretty soon made all these achievements appear quite obsolete.

Originally all this was intended as a new take on the "Kraut"-Project. The basic idea of "Kraut" had been the creation of humorous Hip-Hop backings which breathe local air by using German sampling sources only, among them some of the most ridiculous one could imagine. Actually, all three main tracks of this album, "A Fateful Wheel", "Carry Me From" and "So Far" in principle still meet the demands for the "Kraut"-idea, as they are based on 100% German sources. ("Carry Me From" in fact turned out to be based 95% on AMIGA records, the state-owned label in the former GDR. Be assured that there's no special intention behind it.)

Nevertheless the formal recipes of "Kraut"-cooking could not avoid obvious changes in the resultant dinners. The initial humour had faded and the spirit of soundtrack-music, already evident in some of the older "Kraut"-tracks, took it's demanding place in the foreground. So it was opportune to change concept and artist-alias at last.

"Pink Fish Signs", actually is a soundtrack to an animated commercial for the Babelsberg Studios near Berlin. "Danse Burlesque" was not included in the original version of this album. This is a dub-mix of a piece which never left it's early stages. The edit was done this summer (2004). Almost the same is true about "The Wheel", which is composed from one sequence of a 1997 dub-session altered by various speeds and pitches. "So Far" and "Pink" were the only tracks to be finished in 1997. The remainder of the original selections had been brought to a close in 1999.

In the very end it was the access to contemporary mastering tools which eventually helped me to make the sound come really close to the way I wanted it to sound like back then. Now you might think that it all is smoothed to current hi-fi standards. The opposite is the case! It's dirtier and crunchier than ever! Well, 2004 celebrates the final version of the "Suspense"-Album! A daring statement maybe. Does an album ever reach the state of being finished?

Enjoy! Get thrilled!

GeeNerve (aka Schäng Pfui)